Iran bad deal

You don’t suppose our oil business prostitutes in Washington oppose the Iran deal (any Iran deal) because if their 4th largest oil reserves in the world hit the market… our bosses at Saudi Arabia would have to downgrade their next Ferrari purchase.

Cui bono.

2 responses to “Iran bad deal

    • Stephen,

      Alway good to see you are still with us. I avoid saying “follow the money” even when it is perfectly suitable because its cliche status kinda obscures the meaning. (And I think the “A”s are in the cellar too.) I also think it is a wonderful thing we have money to gauge our relationships with others. And while I don’t accuse you of this, money is often made the scapegoat in order to avoid further thought.

      So, yeah, both sides ignore the corporate influence and the fact that Persians are people too. A bizarre situation where we are manipulated into being totalitarian devils and murderers and feel good about it.

      On Thu, Jul 16, 2015 at 10:57 AM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


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