Don’t just call for reductions in spending…

… do something about it.

These two stories should suggest a start:

The Navy in Tennessee. They must have some pretty impressive boat trailers.

Info on Pluto. Who benefits?

The people interested in Pluto should go there… on their own dime. And the Navy should be by an ocean. Is that so hard to understand?

3 responses to “Don’t just call for reductions in spending…

  1. Never did understand the Navy being inland or the Army being at sea. That’s a bit odd and overreaching, but most of the defense system is.

    Pluto, on the other hand — I really do believe that there’s a justifyable cause to publicly fund exploration and pure science, and this is all of that. Without the public funding, it wouldn’t happen, and we’ve learned TONS from doing it, not only about our own planet, but about materials, devices, etc….plenty of things to help make better machines on Earth, handle our climate better, etc. There’s just no commercial call for pure science unless it’s something you can get to market quickly, and these things take decades, sometimes, to manifest. So to me, that makes sense.

    • Good points. But it is impossible to know what might happen given the incredible wealth and kookiness of some people. For instance, I’ve heard it said there would be no internet or GPS if the government didn’t do it. I doubt that. And long term investments are everywhere. It is a matter of degrees.

      There are a lot of places where cutting spending would open up a lot of alternatives. If the US government hadn’t been subsidizing fossil fuel all these years (the true cost reflected at the pump), who knows what other energy might have been developed that is affordable but higher priced than subsidized petroleum.

      On Thu, Jul 16, 2015 at 1:50 PM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


      • I think the key here is that it’s a good idea for government to bootstrap things that involve significant up-front investment with no short-term gains, but once things are established, it’s best for them to exit and let the market maintain, because beyond the bootstrap, they tend to get in the way. That’s a very generic statement, but I think you get the sentiment.

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