CIA doing its job

The CIA found that the 9/11 attacks were a result of “blowback.” So GW and his evil clique invaded the country where none of the hijackers were from (Iraq, in case you’ve been gone).

Now the CIA says Iran will use the wealth RETURNED to them to bolster its economy, rather than fund “terrorism.” What will the response be from the Neo-Cons on this one?

I suspect they will call for more drone strikes and assassinations, which are not in the job description of the CIA, BTW. They will call the CIA’s study flawed because it doesn’t fit with their urge to murder innocent people.

The CIA, as a spying organisation, serves the purpose of real national security (and could greatly reduce our need for this ridiculously huge pile of military hardware). The CIA as provocateur causes blowback. National security should involve making our nation an island of peace and prosperity. Any energy taken from the private sector that doesn’t contribute to that goal should be returned to its rightful owners.

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