Story on Yahoo! Parenting

Ha. Weird title if you consider it is on Yahoo! and about Planned Parenthood, neither of which encourage “parenting.” In fact they discourage and denigrate it.

On the Simon Conway show today he claimed to be pro-choice but was disgusted that Planned Parenthood would sell baby parts. Makes me wonder if he would oppose drone strikes if they sold grown-up parts. I sent him this note:


I would have liked to have heard an explanation of how murdering a baby is OK but selling the parts is not.

The answer seems to be a matter of legality, which means we worship the state and moral values are trumped by the blessed state. Carries over to perpetual war and drone attacks and such.

If you listen to the podcast you will find much repetition and an invisible wall where the real issue is never approached. I’ve offered constructive criticism before with no response. But I will continue to try to help you improve your show… for the common good.


Here’s the Yahoo! Parenting story:

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