What is wrong.

Finally got a little radio time in yesterday while I cultivated soybeans.

BBC World Service was on and it was all about the Greek debt crisis. These words, individually then put together, should mean something. But Orwellian no longer begins to describe how we communicate anymore.

The BBC guy said to the economics expert (something like), ” So we are going to get more austerity, which, with the poor economic conditions is the absolute worst thing we could do.”

There’s the explanation right there. The hawks, the doves, the compassionate, the selfish; they all think the source of the funds doesn’t exist but the funds do. They think there is no impact from the F-35 or the pop and chips bought with food stamps. There is no choice, so there is no restraint. That is how Greece got there and that is why they are now seeing shortages and such that make the foolishness real.

The United States is different only in magnitude. Be ready if possible.

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