Wild and Wacky World

So I go to post The Alternative here on WordPress and at the top of the page is a rainbow. You just have to settle back and watch. Federico Fellini is alive in heaven and running things now. It is out of our hands.

Conservatives, Republicans, whatever you want to call them, were shocked when Chief Justice Roberts approved Obombyacare. Why shocked. Roberts, appointed by socialist president, GW Bush is only doing what he was appointed to do.

He’s redeemed himself, however, in opposing federally mandated gay marriage. This pivotal issue will surely be the most important of this century. Soon babies will be manufactured at Ford and GM because sex will no longer serve a purpose but for pleasure. And to make things even more bizarre, gay marriage will continue to be opposed for the reason it is un-Christian.

What about opposition on the grounds the government has no place in marriage at all? Opponents and advocates alike are legitimizing government’s role by debating the subject. They are both on the same side.

One response to “Wild and Wacky World

  1. I have long and forever argued that the best way to resolve this entire marriage debate would be to separate the church and state portions of marriage entirely. Everyone’s marriage — straight, gay, whatever — becomes a civil union. A contract entered by two (or hey, more) people, to whatever benefit or legal rights or whatever you have between them — money, health control, inheritance, etc. Like a business.

    Marriage, then, becomes the realm of the church, the non-church, personal belief, yoga goodness, whatever — doesn’t matter. If you want to further enhance your legally-joined contract with a ceremony, so be it. If you don’t and just want to be hooked in a contractual sense, cool. Want to believe in a religion that opposes marriage unless you’re hetero, white, and blonde? Ok, fine. I think you’re odd, but you’re allowed.

    Why is this concept so hard to envision? Sure seems like a win-win to me for all parties.

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