… is really all colors. I learned that at art college. Then a prism divides the white into all of its parts.

This used to be the White House.

Why should the state (the government) be involved in marriage? Because they are involved in all these other things they should not be involved in. It is like a lie. Once told, more lies are required to support it. Then it is not just one lie. Soon the world is full of lies. One little program, Social Security for instance, seems like just a tiny thing. Then there are laws for the qualifications for Social Security. Then there are the disability programs associated with it and the requirements for spouses.

Social Security should never have existed in the first place. Because of social Security people have a false sense they needn’t save for retirement. All the savings that should be earning interest from people who need capital for business and other things are tied up in government. Social Security removes vast quantities of cash from the market. The market is the ultimate decider for allocation of resources.

Likewise, contracts between individuals should be a totally private matter. Marriage agreements need not involve anyone but the people being married and whoever they desire to be involved. Hospitals, insurance companies and investment brokers would be included here. The state is funded by all of us so those with no interest in a marriage are being cheated by any energy expended to control or licence marriage.

Rick Santorum and Dan Savage are both guilty of promoting a totalitarian state. They might be entertaining, but they should find more productive uses for their time.

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  1. RE: Social Security

    Ok, so I get the whole disincentive to save for retirement that SS puts in people’s heads (although, to be honest, these days if you’re only relying on SS, you’re going to be REALLY SCREWED in your retirement years), but….that all being said, wasn’t it originally intended to ensure that, no matter what happens in your life in terms of luck, etc., that there will be SOME sort of safety net waiting for you at the end?

    Because, let’s face it, some of us get lucky, and some of us definitively get UNlucky, and not having SOME sort of net at the end means a really crappy retirement. And then, for those, they end up being a burden on the welfare system, whereas if we simply have that net in place, there’s less of a burden to bear long-term. Or you have people who really struggle, end up homeless/sick/dead because of a lack of resources — simply by being unlucky.

    Is there mis-management of SS? Sure. Can you get better returns doing it yourself? Yup. And nobody in their right mind goes for SS alone, of course. Should people have more skin in the game? Absolutely. But I don’t wonder how many people it’s keeping off food stamps/Medicaid and therefore saving us in the long run, meager though it be.

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