Lost his head?

Really cool and unexplainable why quote from the N.Y. Times:

“12:40 p.m.

George Coetzee has lost his head at the U.S. Open.

The one on his driver.

The South African was teeing off on the long par-4 11th at Chambers Bay on Sunday when the head of his driver followed his ball right down the fairway. Coetzee was left to look quizzically at the shaft in his hands, wondering just what happened.

His playing partner, Jim Furyk, walked ahead and kindly picked the head off the turf and handed it to Coetzee, who still seemed unsure of how everything had come apart.

Since the club was damaged in the normal course of play, he was allowed to replace it.”

From the pictures this course looks like Scotland… or Mars. Fun. I did like trees before my Arthur Itis seized me joints up enough to make golf grief stricken. But when we see the sport at its roots, UK Land, it just seems right to not need L.A. style foliage. L.A. may look like this soon unless Al Gore comes to the rescue and changes the weather. We all know he can do it…. so baby get to it.

BTW, we are watching The Natural, a baseball movie with Robert Redford. He hits the ball so hard the cover comes off. Life is good. An old man making the youngsters’ jaws drop.

2 responses to “Lost his head?

  1. Agree regarding the Chambers Bay golf course. Pro golf needs the verisimilitude offered by weird or challenging courses like this one. Let’s have more of the same!

    BTW, golf was invented in Scotland, not England as a lot of folks think. You wrote the “UK,” which would include Scotland (though Scotland may have been independent when golf was originated – have to check this) and that lets you off the hook insofar as correct attribution for golf’s origination is concerned. It was a wonderful weekend with much drama, surprises, and great (and maybe not so great) golf shots. I enjoyed all 18 hours of the TV broadcast.

    A lot of players berated the Chambers Bay golf course, but if you look at the leaderboard, those complaints came from those pros who were never in contention. Sour grapes in full bloom for those golfers who couldn’t meet the challenge.

    If the USGA and PGA are concerned about the declining number of folks who play the game in the U.S., then I submit that one way to make the game more interesting and attractive would be to find more venues like Chambers Bay to hold tournaments.

    • That would have been a reason to have TV. Having a TV to be indoctrinated by the state certainly has ruined the country so I avoid it. The evidence is clear; those who claim I should fork out the bucks for Fox News so I can be informed are only pawns in the game. As if there is some significant difference between Fox and MSNBC or CNN. Everyone should read 1984 again to see what is going on.

      I was talking to Marj on the phone and she described the missed putt for eagle then the three footer for birdie and the tie. Pretty fun. She was talking about the terrible condition of the greens. But it is amazing to me the complainers don’t seem to understand they are all dealing with the same conditions. They should buy their own course, put a dome over it, have it paved by Monsanto and furnish apps for smart phones to read the break on the greens. Or maybe just get helmets or chips in their brains to simulate the game they desire. Goes along with riding in a cart. The end of civilization as we knew it.

      On Mon, Jun 22, 2015 at 9:00 AM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


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