We had the Old Fashioned Sing-a-Long today

I should say Dawn had it. But I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Sometimes I think I go so I can be the youngest person somewhere for awhile. But no. It is a totally enjoyable experience and if younger people would quit being so snooty and uptight they might find the joy in singing in a group where it is all for fun with no judgement as to the quality of their singing, just appreciation for the glory of the family of man.

Today Hal showed up without Elaine. He was downhearted. She was in the nursing home. We went to see Elaine after pizza with the kids, who were heading back to Southern Iowa after a weekend visit. Time is so dear.

Elaine was talking out of her head and crying. Confused. And Desperate. I’m not one to brag, but Dawn sang three songs and talked with Elaine and by the time we left she smiled and said goodby.

A quote from my friend Zephyr sums it up pretty well: “Without you, me and them there ain’t no we and without we there is nothing.”

Some contribute more than others. But that’s OK.

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