Dick Cheney vows to aid Republicans

Yep. Ol’ Dick is back. He promises to help Republicans find a decent candidate for the 2016 election. And his face doesn’t even offer good material for a caricature. Actually this story made me think of more disgusting news.

Family members beat a fourteen year old girl for 6 hours to get her to abort a baby conceived by one of these, ah, people. She was 8 months pregnant and the baby was finally born dead after the rapist bounced up and down on her stomach. Then they gave her iron pills because she lost so much blood.

The War Street Journal reported the wonderful news about Dick. I wonder if anyone else sees the similarities. Dick orchestrates the rape of Iraq then tries to do away with what that wrought then vows to fix damage that wouldn’t exist without his blessing. Did Dick offer iron pills?

There is a difference, of course. These people actually did the work themselves. I doubt Dick woulda wanted to get his hands dirty.

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