Father’s Day

On the radio this morning they were advertizing Father’s Day cards. I said, “I don’t need one.” Dawn said, “neither do I.”

I don’t see how I could ever live up to the example set by these two men. I never heard either of them talk about the good old days in the war. And maybe some people are sick and tired of me talking about war. I am too. I’m all about markets, though and war is the opposite of markets, so I confront the enemy.

I miss these two dads’ silence. I’m sick to death of the armchair, monday morning quarterbacks with their tough talk so anxious to rape and pillage and not by themselves but by sending poor ignorant fools off to do it for them.

The ignorance is not a put down. Just because some see through the propaganda doesn’t mean that the people who will do the bidding for the Dick(!) Cheney’s of the world are stupid. It only means that the propaganda machine is fine tuned and sophisticated beyond almost all human understanding.

The connection of all this to this video is that most of these guys are dead. Although David Grisman is playing in Minneapolis on our middle kid’s birthday. Karl was scheduled to be c-sectioned out but labor started on Labor Day. No connection to union thuggery.

One response to “Father’s Day

  1. Pretty entertaining in a mundane boring kind of way… for 6 minutes of droning. Makes us aware that Bob Weir was the Grateful Dead!

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