Getting Old

My first real job was at McDonald’s. I made french fries.

The potatoes came in 50# sacks. I put them in a peeler with emery cloth inside that spun the potatoes around in a bath of water. Then I used a lever over a sharpened grate to cut them into a bath of plain water. I rinsed them 3 times to remove starch that absorbs grease that would make them less crispy. Then I blanched them in hot oil and put them aside to waait until I saw a few cars come in the driveway. Then I’d shout to the burger guy, “Run a 24.” and I’d put a couple baskets in the hot oil again, take them out, salt them and bag them.

Potatoes, salt and oil.

Why is McDonald’s in decline? Here’s why:

One response to “Getting Old

  1. Potatoes, salt and lard would be even better – flavor-wise, that is.

    Also, she claims to wash-away ALL the starch. No way! A potato is about 20% water and 17% to 18% tuber starch.

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