More bad news on Iran

It looks like we need to protect California pistachio farmers from unfair competition from Iran. Ol’ freedom loving USA has blocked Iranian pistachio imports on about any little quibble, such as the war against our ally (to whom we supplied chemical weapons) Iraq. Well, Hershey’s moved chocolate production to Mexico because of sugar tariffs, so it only makes sense (in the land of the free) to stop those cheap Iranian nuts. After all, isn’t perpetual drought in a desert bad enough for California farmers. And another thing… what’s with this “Iranian farmer” thing? Aren’t they just hate symbols with rags on their heads running around shouting “death to America?” (and more importantly, Israel) And… what about our dependence on foreign pistachios? This should really flush out the real patriots among us. This idea there are farmers (and shopkeepers and school teachers) in Iran is dangerous to our national security (state).

Here is the story:

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