ISIS in Texas

What more do we need than two little words, to convince us to bestow more power on our government than it has already. In an Orwellian twist, the lazy interpreters of the headlines think more government equals more freedom. Do I really have to say the opposite is true? Follow the two links below.

And this to put some perspective on what we are up against:


One response to “ISIS in Texas

  1. The judge, as usual, is spot-on with his remarks regarding the lawlessness among our law “enforcement” departments. But also, as usual, the judge offers no solutions nor any actions that can. or should, be taken to stop the defiling of our U.S. Constitution.

    Then again, our U.S. Constitution has pretty much been rendered simply a relic of American history. Its only usefulness today is cherry-picking discrete parts that can be parsed and obscured to attract more Democrat voters. That is, the Constitution now appears to only be applicable when it can aid the causes of minority, feminine, homosexual, pro-choice and other statist voters.

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