The other Benghazi

Continuing on the Hillary kick, I don’t know why I didn’t make the connection before but…

The murder of Chris Stevens, our arms dealer to the Syrian rebels, has been a great rallying cry for Republicans. They really hate it when our intrusions reap what they sow. Of course they blame Hillary for the death of Stevens and his cohorts in Benghazi even though they shoulda been doing a backyard barbecue somewhere in our defense department’s legal jurisdiction (USA).

Now, with the drowning deaths of those poor souls trying to escape Libya, where is the conversation about why these people need to leave? The Republicans could blame Hillary for that but then they just love sending all that hardware and “help” all over the world. So the blame really lies at the feet of those interventionists at the root. And a bunch of dark, poverty stricken refugees aren’t worth mentioning compared to a diplomat and some Navy Seals.

Anyway, this cartoon is a good illustration of where serious thought resides in America. The focus on Hillary is easy but who can tell the difference between her and the others in the big scheme of things? “Blowback” is never mentioned in conservative circles, is it?

2 responses to “The other Benghazi

  1. Since Chris Stevens was a homosexual, one wonders why the LBGT community isn’t calling-out Hillary as a homophobe for ignoring the pleas of the ambassador. Then again, why would you, Barack and Hillary, send a homosexual to be the ambassador of a Muslim country???


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