On Cops

I thought this (from the War Street Journal) needed to be posted as we find all these scumbag cops surfacing. I wonder if it is more exposure because of smart phones or if we are scraping the bottom of the pool of potential officer hires because of the increasingly ridiculous laws they have to enforce and the regulations they are burdened with.

Notable & Quotable: Bob Schieffer
Day in and day out, the great majority of cops do their job the right way.
April 19, 2015 5:17 p.m. ET14 COMMENTS
From host Bob Schieffer’s weekly commentary for CBS’s “Face the Nation,” April 19:

The best training to be a reporter or anything else is to work the police beat, because every story you cover is the worst moment in someone’s life. If you can learn to get the right information under those circumstances, you won’t be fazed by the high and mighty and certainly not by the on-the-make politicians and spin doctors.

Which is why I want to add a paragraph or two to the rash of stories lately about cops gone wrong. This is not about them. This about all the cops you don’t read about. They deal much of the time with the dregs of our society. The schemers, the murderers, those who prey on the weak. And most of the time, the police deal with them humanely, and as they should.

What we overlook is just how difficult that can be sometimes. It’s not easy to remain passive when a child-beater looks you in the eye and tells you—you have to understand, the kid was keeping him awake. It takes a lot of professional training and strong character not to respond in anger. I know, because I spent my early years listening to some of these awful people. Sometimes I wanted to hit them myself. I didn’t, but it helped me understand how hard it is to do a cop’s job right. As hard as it is, the great majority of our cops still do just that.

2 responses to “On Cops

  1. Well said. The job the police do is one of the most challenging and under appreciated in our society. That being said, those making news for abuses of power should be brought to justice and prosecuted. When our police operate above and outside of the law, the entire justice system suffers.

    • I’ve witnessed some pretty terrible cops over the years. Now I know the local police chief and sheriff and really sympathize with their situation. Definately something to keep in mind and the dirty cops should, at least, suffer the consequences of their actions and more because of their obligation to their job.

      On Tue, Apr 21, 2015 at 4:19 PM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


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