A moderate plan to correct the error that is Social Security

Everyone complains about it but nobody does anything about it… is often heard about myriad problems. As stated earlier, Chris Christie (with two names like that, how could he not be the savior?) says make the rich pay more even though they got there without being put in jail for their productive endeavours.

Being a moderate, myself (that is someone who doesn’t believe in stealing), I propose we sell all public lands that aren’t necessary for conducting constitutionally authorized activities of the federal government and using the proceeds to fund the retirement of all citizens who were duped into participating in the Social Security program. Duped is hardly the correct word because anyone who refused would have joined, American hero, Irwin Schiff in federal prison for doing their patriotic duty.

A start to remedying the Social Security mess is in recognizing it for what it is.

Then Eliminate fractional reserve banking and the Federal Reserve so that interest rates truly reflect supply and demand for money and retirees can make interest income and investment income honestly.

There. That’s taken care of.

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