Oh man, this is great!

Hillary Clinton, who claims to have been named after Sir Edmund Hillary, even though he scaled Mount Everest and became famous after she was born, will run for president. Her loyalty to her husband, who cheated on her on the world stage, can only indicate self hatred. What is that about… you can’t love someone else unless you love yourself? Would the same hold true for hate? As I was saying before I heard Walter E. Williams say it, an election won’t turn a country around. Frank Zappa seemed to prophetically describe the elections that Ron Paul sacrificed himself for in saying, “What hell is is where a country looks at someone with intelligence as some kind of hideous deformity.”

Now I look at Ron’s decrepit son, Rand, and have to shake my head. Like Morrie Wolf always did when I farmed weirdly. In a War Street Journal article, “Rand Paul Faces Foreign-Policy Challenge,” the sub-heading is, “Eyeing 2016, senator looks to preserve his antiwar base and strike a more hawkish tone.” This is in the biggest, fancy-pants paper in the country. How anyone can take this election seriously baffles. Trimming my fingernails today instead of tomorrow is more urgent and important than one nanosecond of thought about this election (unless for entertainment’s sake). I shook Rand’s hand at the Straw Poll. Seemed like a nice guy. But doesn’t someone need their eyes looked at?

Other clowns should not be left out. Rick Santorum (family man) was on the radio proclaiming the American Judeo-Christian ethic superior (again), while still espousing continued mayhem, murder and destruction for cultures less civilized than his own (reminiscent of the sub-heading mentioned above).

So. It is sure to be a great election season. Like Will Rodgers, I won’t have to make anything up. The comedy (tragedy) is there for the picking.


2 responses to “Oh man, this is great!

  1. Democrats and their lap-dog media boosters will forgive 99% of their candidate’s transgressions as long as the candidate promotes the statist narrative.

    Did you read the Stockman comments on the Iran negotiation framework? What did you think?

    You can’t believe (or maybe you can) the hue and cry from my readers. No return reasons for disputing the points made, just a bunch of ad hominem attacks against me and my stupidity for sending that out.

    • I found it odd referring to a link that wasn’t on the blog and it took me awhile to read it. I shared it with a conservative friend and he warmed up to it but didn’t say hear hear. Usually he’s pretty Fox Newsy.

      I think Stockman nailed it. I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you on it. Oh how I’d love to see something like that get widespread exposure.

      I’ll post it on my blog and see if I get any response.

      On Mon, Apr 13, 2015 at 4:30 PM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


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