Another article from Brett Pharo

The world continues to be in an uproar. Wars and rumors of wars. Insults and rumors of insults. Threats and rumors of threats. I’m reminded of Sagan’s comments about the photo “The Pale Blue Dot.” All this fighting, anger, and trouble between us as we sit tenuously on this very, very tiny and astronomically insignificant tiny spheroid of rock and water. How ridiculous.

The government of Indiana has caused quite a stir by enacting a law that is very much like the laws in twenty some other states and the federal government. Why is the law so evil in Indiana? Who knows? Probably because the basketball final four is being held there next week. The law basically says that you don’t have to violate your religious beliefs in the operation of your business. Well, duh. Why in the world should I have to violate my religious beliefs in the operation of my business? Or the rental of my property? It’s mine. If someone is offended by my beliefs, they don’t have to do business with me. If enough people are offended, my business won’t be very successful. My problem of my own creation. If for some reason I don’t want to sell a lamb to a group to use for a religious ritual sacrifice, or even for a special Jewish or Muslim celebration, should I be required by the government to do so? Personally, I wouldn’t turn down a buyer because they want to use it in an Islamic celebration, but I should have that right, I’d think. Of course, the law has to work both ways. If a business wants to exclude Christians, or if they want to serve only homosexuals, they have that right as well. We are so easily offended these days.

A much bigger threat to the power and influence of the United States is the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). This is a counter to the US led International Monetary Fund (IMF). It’s the next step forward in the movement, led by China and Russia, to unseat the US dollar as the world reserve currency. Honestly, there is no reason the dollar deserves that status anymore, as it is now just fiat currency backed by nothing but imagination. Still, that bodes very ill for the US. Can we stand alone in not being a part of AIIB? I’d say the outcome of that is very much in doubt. We’ve done our best to beg, plead, threaten, etc. our allies in Europe and around the globe to not join the AIIB, but with little success. They’re signing up in droves. We may end up standing alone in our pride and our pile of made up currency, or we could consider joining AIIB. Choices, choices.

Violent population control continues unabated throughout the Middle East. The latest eruption is in Yemen where Sunnis and Shiites are busy killing each other. Makes you kind of long for the good old days of Catholics and Protestants killing each other in Ireland. But why confine ourselves to intra-religious homicide? In the even older days, we had Muslims and Christian killing each other in the Crusades and in the Islamic conquests. Even today, throughout the Middle East, Muslims are killing Christians, and if you listen to folks sitting around you in church, Christians think we should be killing Muslims. Ain’t religion grand? God must be so happy. At least most of the religious killing is confined to only these two Abrahamic religions. For that I suppose we can be thankful.

The question I have is why does the United States think we have to be involved in all of this? Not only involved, but often instigating and inciting the violence. Mr. Nobel Peace Prize President (NPPP), on his watch has instigated the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Ukraine, which has resulted a conflict that has potential to escalate into another major war between major world powers. Of course, now that we’re here, the Warpublicans in Congress are chomping at the bit to send more killing instruments to Ukraine, not because that would allow them to hold off Russia, but we because it might escalate into a profitable war. Also, NPPP, by moving against Assad in Syria, a fella that isn’t very nice but hasn’t hurt or threatened to hurt us, has unleashed the evil of ISIS on the world. At least ISIS is one group we can all agree should be eliminated, which is handy for both Warpublicans and Warocrats in power because it provides and excuse to further demonstrate to the world how we can kill and destroy, in support of peace, love, and democracy, of course. Mr. NPPP also supported the destabilizations in Libya, Egypt, and Yemen as a demonstration of his worthiness to receive the NPP before he had done anything.

Of course, his predecessor, along with supporters from both parties, in the name of humanity of course, managed to take one of the most stable governments and a reasonably advanced society with religious tolerance in Iraq and turn it into a caldron of destruction. Again, they had done nothing to provoke our invasion and were not threatening us in any way. But we mustn’t quibble about details when the opportunity arises for us to show the world how kind and loving we can be … oh, and boost the GDP by destroying things that then need to be replaced.

The Warpublicans have their undies in a bunch over the possibility of not being able to fight a war with Iran soon, it seems. Yeah, I know they have some pretty kooky folks in charge sometimes, and I certainly wouldn’t want to think we should trust everything they say, but that is just as much true of our government. The Persians have really been a pretty sharp bunch of people over the centuries. Does any thinking person really believe they would want a war with the United States? They’re not suicidal as a people. Are they trying to develop atomic weapons as some of the various war parties contend? Every time international teams have gone into Iran they have reported absolutely no evidence that the Persians are doing anything beyond what they say they’re doing, which is working to provide nuclear power for electricity generation. You’d think the anthropogenic warming folks would be all about supporting them in developing energy from non-carbohydrate sources. But that wouldn’t bolster our “defense” (really offense) industry, nor expand the empire.

Much like the later years of the Roman Empire, we maintain armies in the far-flung perimeter of our empire and must have conflicts out there to take our minds off corruption and weakness back here. We have many similarities to the later Roman Empire. Among them are: political corruption, currency devaluation, moral degradation, rising numbers of people dependent on the state, politicization of religion (think 501c3), idolization of sports and entertainment, strong military backed by a paper tiger of an economy.

When folks around the world think of the United States, their view of us is two-fold. Firstly, they see us as an extremely giving people. There is no one in the world that will do more for you if you have a big natural disaster. Our contributions from our people to good, caring causes around the world make the rest of the world pale by comparison. Secondly, they see the US as the single biggest threat to, and road block to world peace. We are widely viewed, by friends and foe alike, as bullies who appear to view the rest of the world as subjects rather than fellow travelers on this pale blue dot.

Just my thoughts.


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