Defense Spending

Ron is a really nice guy. But what do you do when your kid totally spits in your face and ignores all you’ve done and said as a decent human being and a father. Being on “the world stage” and such, I think I would disown him.

I’d like to see Rand and Marco and all the rest get a semi-auto assault rifle (since in the land of the free the government is afraid of its own people so we can’t own real machine guns) and hop on a plane, paying their own way, to wherever all this spending is needed and do it themselves.

What scum we have in the public eye presented as leaders or statesmen. Any patriotic American should be ashamed these people are not in jail.

One response to “Defense Spending

  1. Come-on, you can’t be surprised by this. 99.9% of our elected “representatives” don’t represent the electorate and the same percentage are hypocrites. And the 0.01% who aren’t hypocrites (and have some influence in our government) will never serve more than a single term because they will be felled by the statist media.

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