Johnny A

Heck. He put this on YouTube.

It was a sad night years ago when I went to The Surf without Dawnie. She had something so important going on she wasn’t there, by my side, where she belonged…. But it was a great night to hear this gifted nerd spill it out of his guitar. Then I got a phone call from Dirk, my best friend in high school, and went outside and missed Johnny’s most popular song at the time, Little Wing (Hendrix). Had to talk to Dirk, though, another victim of the war on drugs. I don’t know if he’s alive. I’ll try to call him again today. You can assume I’m angry about people being in a position of power and respect that shut dope addicts out of society dooming them to a life of lonely struggle. This rant has nothing to do with Johnny A, just the phone call.

Get a load of this:


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