An end to speeding tickets

We got a camera ticket from Des Moines awhile back. If only the dystopian world of Ford had been there to protect us, we coulda saved $78. I agree with one of the commenters on this story. If only Ford would make a car that wouldn’t poke along below the speed limit, causing traffic to stop flowing.

One time we saw a trooper going 55mph in the fast lane on I-35 with the speed limit at 70 Sheesh! On drugs or what. Of course he can get all he wants for free. I wonder if there are building codes for caves in the wilderness.

One response to “An end to speeding tickets

  1. Oh, good, can I set the Ford system to automatically drive at 5 over the limit? Because that’s really where things smooth out, and I hate to be a bump in a crowd on a highway.

    I still remember from Driver’s Ed; that day was Interstate Day, when we drove out and got on for a short jaunt. I clearly remember my instructor saying, “You drive at the speed of traffic, not the posted signs. If that’s over the limit, you drive it. There’s safety in consistency.”

    Wise words.

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