Letter to Popular Mechanics on Field Guide to Life

The article went through one year old to over sixty. Over-simplified but short enough for quick glances. But too short to give the whole picture so…

Dear Editor,

Your “Field Guide To Life” (April 2015 Popular Mechanics) was short, fun and easy to read like a magazine should be. But in today’s dumbed down culture, consequences need to be mentioned, just like all these disclaimers that litter all our media.

On page 68 two items caught my eye. To fell a tree (before you cut) first determine how it leans and plan your escape route. And unsnapping a bra with one hand probably leads to responsibilities that few 18- to 20- year-olds are ready for.

A field guide to life could leave out all the details in your article and simply say, “Seriously consider the long term affects of your actions.”

Love, Fritz


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