Two patriotic movies

I usually go to the theater for my precious baby’s sing-a-long or The Old Time Country Hampton Hoedown.

But I recently attended The Windsor for American Sniper, partly because Clint Eastwood legalized ice cream cones on the streets of Carmel and partly to see what all the fuss was about.

Here are some random thoughts:

This is the worst Eastwood directed film I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure if it is my pro-life dogma prejudicing me or if it was really a shabby effort. But his previous movies carried me away to that place. This one, I never forgot I was in a theater.

Seeing this obviously intelligent man, Chris Kyle, look at the news coverage of the attack on the Twin Towers and then go fight an entirely different country in response was extremely disheartening. To think that such irrational thinking that caused so much damage to our country prevails, doesn’t bode well. Not that I have any real love for those people who were his targets, he needn’t be shooting anyone to protect American troops if they were not there.

The hubbub about Chris Kyle as a hero and patriot is absurd. As I stated in the most recent Alternative, the most basic levels of government are self then family. To establish a family then abandon them was not patriotic, it was abusive.

Before the Chris Kyle movie I waded through a bunch of computer generated monstrosities depicting some sort of war type stuff. There were no fat girls and all the guys had shaves like Nixon. What stood out was the preview of “McFarland, USA.” You’ve really got to be some sort of heartless snob to not like sports movies, whether they are about Cricket (, or choirs (, or x-country. The story is the same.

When we go to Fareway and get a head of lettuce we provide a livelihood for some hispanic farmworker. It isn’t a good one. But it can either get his foot in the door as a start to a better life or be a trap. Such is life. Kevin Costner plays a failed football coach with too big a heart to abuse the players and yet he is fired for throwing a shoe at a spoiled punk football star.

In his new job at McFarland High he mellows and the family values of the farmworker families win him over. Our kids mighta called this cheesy before they grew out of it.

The story is about America. With the constant drone of the Steve Kings about illegals, I’d like to turn it around. Dismantle the welfare state (including corporate welfare) so we can witness the great migration. The people who feel entitled are free to leave for Venezuela. We should welcome immigrants and enforce laws that are harsh for crimes with victims so we get immigrants that will enrich our country. It would be a big change. A lot of people think lettuce comes from stores.


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