A poignant blog post by Thomas DiLorenzo

This, copied for the Lew Rockwell Blog hit me like a ton of bricks. I remember hearing a Dr. Laura show on the radio a few years ago where a soldier called in and questioned his choice of obeying his orders or his faith. Dr. Laura said, and this is a quote, “Don’t let your faith get in the way of your patriotism.” Remember The Holocaust. You can never remind us enough, Tom.

Teaching Children to Worship the State
Thomas DiLorenzo

The “Dear Abby” column in today’s newspaper includes a letter from a mother of two children, ages 5 and 10, asking if it is rude for them to be pecking away at their iPads during their church service. The mother says this of her offspring: “They are very active in the church and are the bell ringers, candle lighters and offering collectors. They partake in the welcoming and special prayers, lead the Pledge of Allegiance, sing songs and do communion when we have it” (emphasis added).

Christians at churches like this like to say that God is their sovereign, yet they pledge “allegiance,” spelled in capital letters by the way, to their real sovereigns, the gang of crooks, conmen, clowns, hedonists and mass murderers (a.k.a. “statesmen”) in Washington, D.C. And they get their five-year-olds to do it before they can even read.

11:41 am on March 10, 2015


2 responses to “A poignant blog post by Thomas DiLorenzo

  1. The combination and confusion of Christianity and patriotism is, in fact, a disservice to both. As a pastor I avoid “God and country” services for that reason. God is NOT an American. He is certainly not a partisan political American.
    “God Bless America” is a terrible song, as it contributes to the confusion in the minds of many. I find the arrogance of the demanding lyric offensive.
    The injunction of “No other gods” includes a prohibition of placing nation on the same plane as God..

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