Coyotes’ Clues on Family Values

Well, I attended a meeting with our state legislators about a week ago. There was little accountability evident and lots of nanny-state do something about it isms that would be no good for anybody. Very discouraging. If I spoke my mind at the meeting I would have been viewed like a Jew at a convention of Nazis. So I did like my wise old mom advised. I kept “my big mouth shut.” This column stems from that meeting. I’ve toned down my feelings here in hopes you will read to the end.

The Alternative

There are different social systems in coyote families. My friend Brett Pharo has sheep in Michigan. He had resident coyotes and his lambs were never attacked until some hunters killed the local coyote family. That is when the destructive family of coyotes moved in and devastated his lamb crop.

Coyotes have families and so do people. The family is the most basic and important level of government, besides self. If a family is not complete the tendency is for the neglected part to find support somewhere else. If it is more convenient for family leaders to let someone else fulfill that leadership or supportive position, they might not like the change brought about by their negligence.

Crime rates and poverty rates increase with higher numbers of broken homes. To understand the broader problem, it is necessary to define a broken home. If a broken home can be described as a single parent household, it can also be described as a home where the parents don’t assume the role of parent. It boils down to our responsibility for ourselves and our relationships with others.

A story on public radio the other day was about the diabetes and obesity epidemic. For years we were told low fat and high carbohydrate foods were good for us when, in fact, it was known for much of that time this theory was wrong. When the interviewer asked why the truth was kept from the public for so many years, the response was that the scientific community has a certain amount of hubris. I had to look it up. Here are some synonyms: arrogance, conceit, haughtiness, self importance, egotism, pomposity, and superiority.

These are exactly the characteristics of the people who rule over us and assume the role that should be family.

I used to admire the intentions of politicians and the sacrifices they made. I don’t anymore. Once they get to the capitol they have to play the games in order to be involved and in playing those games they compromise their moral character. They decide their job is social engineer.

The family is being replaced by government. It has happened in every society that failed because the human instinct to care for a family has been replaced by convenience and immediate gratification. The system we had, worked. Parents cared for their young children and then those children grew up and cared for their aging parents.

Instead of that we now have government “early education” so parents won’t be burdened with children and we have so-called Social Security so the grown kids won’t be bothered with parents.

We need families back. Our society is being run by the bad coyotes. A once great western civilization is shrinking, losing population, while societies who have proven unable to maintain order or feed themselves continue to grow. This is because children have become an unneeded inconvenience. Young people are deciding not to have children so their activities are not interrupted by bothersome dependents.

For instance, governments of western countries are getting desperate to grow native populations because they are running out of working age citizens to pay for the warehousing of the aged. The government of Denmark even has a racy video called “Do it for Denmark” urging women to take vacations abroad because statistics show more pregnancies occur when “on holiday.”

With the lack of need for family life created by Social Security, victimless laws, and public childcare the bad coyotes have assumed the role of family. The warfare and welfare state, gangs and electronic devices have earned our devotion. But these things don’t perpetuate family, they just feed off of the remains of a great culture.

When conservatives passed laws giving responsibility to the state to enforce so-called family values they handed our society over to the bad coyotes.

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