As Zappa once said, “Whoooo could imagine…”

… Miles Davis had a mentor? It seems he must have been dumped here from the celestial source of magical things.

But Clark Terry was it. Born the same year as my mom, he died almost two weeks ago. Terry was responsible for countless incredible musicians who profited from his inspiration. The video below is an excellent representation of libertarianism; individuals working for themselves to the benefit of all. And I mean working together, together no kidding. Below the video is a link to the Jazz on the Tube email that brought me this clip. There’s lots of info on Clark Terry there and a way to subscribe to the service. (BTW, Joe Pass conducted a class at Laney College in Oakland where I was fortunate to attend.)


One response to “As Zappa once said, “Whoooo could imagine…”

  1. …that they would Freak out somewhere in Kansas! Kansas, kansas, dootie-dootie-dootie! I can see myself in the Alzheimers unit…. Who could imagine. I’m gonna get a TV Dinner and cook it up. Suzy….. it can’t happen here.

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