Ram ProMaster City

We have a friend (actually the person who set-up this blog for me but doesn’t have time to read it) who bought one of these for his business:

I decided to check it out in more detail and I found this interesting fact: They import them with a second row of seats to avoid a 25% import tax on light trucks, then take them out for use as cargo vans here.

My question would be, can a government hate? Who hates the American people so much that they impose a tax like this on such an efficient vehicle then impose fuel economy standards (CAFE, Corporate Average Fuel Economy) to help us afford them then impose safety regulations that make them so heavy they can’t achieve the CAFE standards anyway?

BTW, in Europe they have diesels with manual transmissions.


2 responses to “Ram ProMaster City

  1. Seems to me to be a clear case of capitalism outwitting the ever-expanding attempts by government to regulate and thus control every economic activity conducted by private enterprise.

    • The Subaru Brat was the one I remember to circumvent the fascist state’s light-truck tariff. A perfect case of unintended consequences, the brat had seats encouraging the most dangerous way to ride in a pickup. But with numbskulls trusting the judgement of government over their own self preservation instincts here we go. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subaru_BRAT It is like Levaquin but its only redeeming qualities are transporting foolish teenagers and day-workers from the Home Depot parking lot.

      On Thu, Mar 5, 2015 at 9:02 AM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


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