Boris Nemtsov…

… was a Pro-democracy reformer, then a critic of Putin and darling of a tiny anti-Putin constituency. He was gunned down on a bridge in Moscow.
Keeping in mind the credibility of news sources (It seems like the real ones are soon dead, or something. Kinda makes me think Brian Williams was onto something), the only way to logically look at Nemtsov’s assassination is to ask, who benefits?

Anyone have an idea on this? Would the assassination convert anyone to support Putin?


2 responses to “Boris Nemtsov…

  1. The assassination silences a major voice of dissent. The act would not convert anyone to follow Putin, but it does eliminate a serious opponent that such a person might have followed instead of Putin.

    • I look at it as a possible false flag. It certainly reinforces hatred or distrust in Putin. Western politicians don’t do well without enemies to distract from their domestic failures.

      Ukraine voted in a pro Russian and soon after a western backed coup replaced him. Crimea overwhelmingly voted to align with Russia and that was called Russian aggression by western authorities and their press. Eastern Ukraine would benefit more from an alliance with Russia than with a broke Kiev full of skinheads but they must have something the west wants enough to wage war for it.

      How would Joni help her pals in the “defense” industry if we had friendly relations with the rest of the world?

      On Mon, Mar 2, 2015 at 7:23 AM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


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