A night out to celebrate

I attended a town hall meeting with our two Demopublican legislators Friday afternoon. I went to find out who makes decisions on Department of Transportation projects, in light of the 10 cent gas tax increase they just voted for. (Not to mention the, obviously corrupt, 3 cent exemption for bio-diesel crap)

They had no idea.

There was a lady there whose husband died from Crohn’s Disease. She begged the women to consider allowing sick people to use marijuana products to treat disease. I didn’t speak my mind because I was so angry I thought I’d just lose it. We’ve got, what, millions of laws and they still call these people lawmakers. If your house was full, from floor to ceiling, with omelets, would you make more omelets? How about electing some law discarders?

These people are so ignorant and then influenced by special interest groups… well it just blows my mind that such (insert not family friendly word here) make rules for us to obey.

To have a government restrict activity that has no affect on other people is unamerican. To prohibit sick people from using, no matter how unproven, medicine to help with their illness is assault. These low life scum should be in jail; no matter what their titles and appearance.

So we celebrated our subservience to idiocy by going out to Pasta Bella, the best Italian food in Iowa and then to hear Merle Haggard and Marty Stuart at The Surf Ballroom. You must know Merle so here is a sample of Marty:


2 responses to “A night out to celebrate

  1. Marty Stewart is an astounding talent. He is one of my favorite singers/songwriters/guitarists/madolinists/photographers.

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