Label GMOs? Of course!

Hershey’s is pulling or labeling its candy with GMOs. Good for them. Whether there is a danger from such ingredients is still in question. What is not in question is whether the government should require labels on food. Of course not. There are already laws against fraud that cover that and if consumers want GMO free food then they can pay for the products voluntarily labelled as such. They are still free to do so. If the GMO free food costs more to grow, that cost can be passed on to consumers. If they feel the cost is too high for recklessly bred foods, they can buy food that has a more controlled breeding regimen (GMO).

Voluntary action is more efficient than government guided markets. Let’s not force, already cash strapped consumers to pay more for food that hasn’t been proven to be less harmful than food directed by market forces.

If you can point out damage done by GMOs, let me know. I’m always open to new information.

2 responses to “Label GMOs? Of course!

  1. I do appreciate food label laws, because I’m of the firm belief that companies will happily hide all sorts of questionable things in processed food given the opportunity. But arguing for GMO labeling isn’t worth the time — almost every modern food is genetically-modified, whether by gene splicing or good old fashioned breeding programs. I don’t see the distinction and I’ve seen nothing that proves otherwise.

    • I can understand someone being opposed to laws banning food labeling. But to require it is not necessary. If a food manufacturer has faith that his product is wholesome, he would label it with pride in the ingredients in order to sell more of it to consumers like you, who care about what they eat. If a consumer doesn’t care about what is in his food, he can buy from whoever he wants and suffer the consequences. Although if he were poisoned that should violate a law against assault to cause bodily injury or murder.

      Requiring labels is not necessary. A label would be a sales tool. No label would steer buyers to the labeled food because people like to know what they are buying. If they don’t care it’s their problem, not mine. And since my tax dollars enforce labeling laws to some extent, I have a stake.

      Joel Salatin ( ) opposes mandated labeling because it puts a burden on small producers in competiction with big companies who can spread the cost over more volume.

      The Competitive Enterprise institute likes to point out that GMOs might actually be safer because of the more controlled breeding environment. They agree with us.

      On Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 10:58 AM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


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