Letter to Ben Keiffer, Iowa Public Radio

Dear Mr, Keiffer,

I am in a tractor doing chores and so only hear parts of your show discussing marijuana, so forgive me if I missed something.

It would be beneficial to the public if, in addition to the details of medical uses and so-forth, the human rights angle was addressed.

It is a third world dictatorship mindset that allows a government to regulate what we may legally ingest. With the delay and cost overruns in the big state prison project, a natural progression of the subject would go to why such a prison is needed. Then, why so many cops?

A governor who denies a family from ANY treatment for suffering ill people would, objectively, be considered committing assault and subject to jail time.
A governor who denies anyone the right to do anything that doesn’t aggress on others should be subject to the same thing.

Let’s think outside the box and search for real causes and solutions not excuses and bandaids.

Love, Fritz

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