Three teenage girls fly from London to Turkey to become “jihadist brides”

Wow, what a surprise. The girls were described as “straight A students.” This one fact explains their so-called puzzling behavior.

What is a straight A student? Such a student is intelligent, of course, but plenty of intelligent students don’t get straight A’s. Straight A students are mostly defined by servitude and submission to authority. What better organisation than ISIS to provide focus for a straight A student? I would imagine schools in London have abandoned principles of discipline the same way as schools here in order to make everyone feel good about themselves. Enforcement of principles and rules is routinely dropped in a vain attempt to earn respect from students. These girls, who were at a stage of their lives where direction for the future was an inherent goal, couldn’t find it in a school where political correctness ruled over strict principles of self respect and productivity. ISIS furnished the authority figure the wimpy school administration lacked.

This story has broader meaning than just Islamic jihadists versus western culture. Students everywhere are attracted to movements such as the greens, neo-nazis and military to furnish meaning to an otherwise directionless life. A society where private property and personal responsibility are emphasized instead of an amorphous “common good” would provide selfishness (human nature driven) as a basis for positive direction in our youth.

Here is the story of the girls and their baffled PM:


One response to “Three teenage girls fly from London to Turkey to become “jihadist brides”

  1. Well, why not? Why not support others struggling to bring your religion to the world? Good for these Muslim girls – real “lookers” too, I might add.

    And “straight A” students only means they were good at passing tests. It doesn’t mean they’ve received an “education.” Look at today’s graduate from Ivy League universities. Think they’ve gotten an “education”? Maybe . . . if becoming an expert in articulating the buzzwords and phrases of political correctness is synonymous with receiving an “education.” Indoctrination and a totally false read on history is how I would describe their depth of knowledge.

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