Weaning Day

This is a Pink Fairy Armadillo. Did it attract your attention to this post?

Last year Darla Krukow said we should wean calves when the moon is bright. But I looked it up in the Farmers Almanac. She was wrong and we weaned on the right day. The calves hardly bawled at all. The cows went about their business, occasionally visiting the fenceline to see their babies and reassure them they will live just fine without milk.

A couple days later we came home from town at about ten at night and saw headlights in the yard. The neighbors had been rounding up our calves for the last two hours and getting them back in the yard. They were back with their moms so we had to rewean. Shoot. Willy thought they might have been spooked by a coon fight (really a great sound if you want to curdle some blood). They were so terrified they bent a Sioux gate and went right over a pretty good fence.

They bawled for almost a week after being weaned a second time outside the Almanac’s guidelines.

Today should have been a perfect day for it. We penned all the cows and calves and let any cow out that wanted out. Calves are usually more cautious so this is a good way to do it. One calf got through but, miraculously, it was easy to get back in with his comrades.

It was getting late in the day and Dawnie was a big help in fetching tractors and shedding them when I had another tractor to move or bed the bulls. We use a pitchfork to peel layers off a big round bale of course hay and carry it into the shed to the bulls’ bed. We can leave the gate open and they don’t bother trying to get out… until today. Oh man, did that guy have fun romping and snorting, pawing the ground and calling out like Tarzan on meth. Pretty scary really. No horns but big and powerful. He charged the half of the big bale and unrolled it for about 100 feet. It was a pretty tight bale and hard to peel off the layers; not any more.

We hope the coons stay quiet.


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