Letter to our Statehouse representative, Linda Upmeyer


As you might have read from me before, a fuel tax is the best way to fund roads. But the DOT has proven itself to be too wasteful to manage their job.

There’s probably a pretty fine line between meddling politicians and strict oversight on behalf of taxpayers interests. If DOT officials don’t squeal a little bit, that shows our representatives need to step it up. Everybody seems to be more interested in building a legacy than leaving us some spending money after infrastructure is provided.

I’m sure those ridiculous rest areas are not that much compared to miles and miles of roads. But who says the state should provide a potty stop? I’m old enough to remember gas stations and how we picked the cleanest one for such a thing and bought stuff there. I realize we are past that now with no turning back (Like most other government programs. I even think education should be parents’ responsibility and the root of all education failure is in the fact it is mandated and funded by government. I don’t sound very optimistic, huh?).

I’m not in your shoes but what I’d do regarding the fuel tax is insist diesel be taxed at the same rate (even adjust it to compensate for overtaxation on the federal level). and base my vote on a requirement for a public event where the officials responsible for the extravagant rest areas are fired with no severance pay.

Thanks for trying, Fritz


Republican leadership ousted two members of the Ways and means committee in order to get the bill to a vote. Such is politics in Iowa. No shift in spending oversight proposed as far as I know. We can’t grow bananas here but that doesn’t mean we can’t emulate a banana republic. Des Moines is full of crooks like any other capital city.

Public radio called the tax regressive, as in opposite of progressive. Democrats mostly opposed the bill. Here is some weird bipartisanship, Tea party democrats. What rich person cares about a $60 increase in annual fuel costs? But it’s gonna cut into the pop and chips budget for the less well off.


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