Message to conservatives

I was reading an article in Car and Driver comparing minivans.

One of the vans tested was a Kia Sedona. Here is a quote from the article:
“…the Sedona has speed, geo-fencing, and curfew alerts that immediately send mom or dad a text if the teen driving their Sedona goes too fast, goes to the wrong places, or goes anywhere at all after hours.”

Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey has issued a report that states 100% of new cars are vulnerable to hacking. His concern is the automobile companies getting too much data on us. Although the two can no longer be called separate entities, I see a larger threat from government than from a business that depends on a voluntary relationship.

In related old news, related because of the reference to hacking cars, there’s the death of Michael Hastings. I’ve mentioned Hastings before on these pages. If you go to this link,, you will begin to understand why the title of this post.

Hey conservatives. While you were seeking protection from better workers from across the border competing for your jobs, or getting all upset about the government being lackadaisical on regulating marriage, a real friend of limited government died mysteriously (shall I say). Much is said about a liberal press, but what about an inquisitive press that doesn’t back down from protecting us from tyranny. We’ve got the flyovers at football games, We’ve got uniform worship run amuck. And then we’ve got real heroes like Michael Hastings. But not a peep.


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