The Boy With the Green Hair

Sometimes we wonder what makes us what we are. One of those things is comments by my dad as I was growing up. I can’t remember but one; don’t lie, because no one is smart enough to keep lying and cover all those lies with more lies. So, I can be brutally honest, hurt feelings, lose friends. But generally it works for the long term.

I’ve thought about the Boy With the Green Hair on and off all my life. Just a fascination with a movie I saw as a kid. I didn’t really remember much about it. Netflix doesn’t have it. I looked on YouTube and found some clips. Voila! Nature Boy was the theme payed at the start of the movie. This is a great song I remember most from Kurt Elling and George Benson.

Then I saw this clip and I found a major source of where I come from. The first comment could have been written by me. 64 years old. Saw it in 1955 at 5 years old.

Here is Ella Fitzgerald with Joe Pass on Guitar. I saw heard Joe Pass do a seminar at Laney College in Oakland, where I taught organic gardening for $3 per hour. Those kids got a bargain. But the big bucks flowed in from selling Mrs. Natural’s Homemade chocolate chip cookies at lunch time, made by my landlady. Ella and Joe don’t show off here. Which is one of the great things about this clip.


2 responses to “The Boy With the Green Hair

  1. Green is not only the color of Spring, but also of money . . . and money also represents hope. The symbolism apparently isn’t lost on today’s youth generation. After all, look at all the green-haired rock stars — many of which have messages for the world.

    I had a similar experience with a film . . . a film that has stuck with me. It was a German film titled, Die Blechtrommel or, The Tin Drum. The movie was an adaptation of a book by Gunter Grass. It is available for streaming from Amazon.

    Both films appear to be geared to appeal to the iconoclasts of the world.

    • I read that book in college. Can’t remember it, though. I’ll prolly see if it is on DVD from Netflix.

      Posted a version of Nature Boy on the original post I think you’ll like.

      On Sat, Feb 14, 2015 at 8:48 AM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


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