The debt ceiling

The situation in Greece reminds me of a long email exchange with my friend, Travis. He contended that the United States should raise the debt ceiling. That meant borrow more because we couldn’t pay the debt we had already. Childish. Twelve years of school and the ramifications of that are seldom understood by anyone.

In Greece the Syriza Party was elected to protest austerity. Oh my goodness, the children are running the household. But the really interesting part is where the productive portion of the European Union is having “talks” to resolve the situation. They ought to just kick Greece out and let them starve until they realize working begets reward. And asking Germany or other productive societies to make things better, when it is all your fault, is unreasonable because… well just because it is.

It is not just in the ghetto or at universities, it is everywhere people can’t make the connection between a simple transaction and common decency. Hey. Get a paycheck for working, go to the store, get food. There is no government involved in this story. And everybody is happy.


One response to “The debt ceiling

  1. Greece has an economy the size of the city of Dallas, Texas. All of the hand-wringing on CNBC and MSNBC is an absurdity. The EU central bank should slam the door on Greece and tell them they are on their own. Other “PIGS” countries (Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Spain) would get the message that they need to get their houses in order on their own. Also, I don’t believe for a minute that there is any large U.S. or European banks that continue to have any sort of significant exposure to Greek bonds or other Greek indebtedness. These banks likely unwound their exposures a long time ago. The whole Greek concern is a hyped-up piece of malarkey, a story that can be easily sensationalized and exaggerated by the establishment media – if it bleeds it leads.

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