Joni Ernst, just another Harkin

The news this morning had Joni favoring weapons being sent to the regime in Ukraine. Obombya will prolly join in the deadly plan.

I group Joni with Harkin because the standard by which politicians should be measured is how much they stick their noses into other peoples’ business. Foreign policy, portrayed as separate from domestic policy is an excuse to enrich the pockets of unproductive people at the expense of the productive class. Joni, being an officer sees taxpayers as slaves to the so-called national security worship figure.

What justification do you see for costing EU farmers and other industries 23.7 billion dollars? And if we are so gung-ho on democracy, how about our support for the coup d’etat installing the Neo-Nazi supported establishment in Kiev despite the Russia allied president’s earlier election. To claim u.S. interests are at stake is ridiculous.

2 responses to “Joni Ernst, just another Harkin

  1. If a representative (and I use that label loosely) wants the monetary support of the GOP National Committee come re-election time, one had better toe the establishment Republican Party line.

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