Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner. I forgot he existed. Then he’s back. Father of the latest celebrity BS worship, Olympic gold medalist, tailgater. Well of course that is how people drive today. If you want the car ahead to move over so you can go faster you get on his rear until it is so obnoxious they move on over and give you the finger as you creep by.

Apparently the little old lady in front of Jenner on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu didn’t move over soon enough so he tuned his radio, read a text or checked his lipstick and didn’t notice in time she had slowed down. His Escalade ploughed into her rear, pushing her into oncoming traffic, killing her. All rude drivers should either confess to being a potential murderer or change their ways, realizing being two seconds later won’t get them a tardy slip but their rude behavior may deprive a child of the joy of his admiring grandma’s eyes looking into his after his first little league home run.

The celebrity worship, including worship of uniforms is way over the top. It makes the end of the Roman Empire look sane. This thing with the fascination with Bruce Jenner “transitioning to a woman” takes the cake. People have way too much time on their hands. In the comments section of the news story I read… “Bruce Jenner, transitioning to a woman, already drives like one.”

There you have it.


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