Oops. I’m a little late…

… wishing happy birthday to Ronald Reagan, Bud Rud, owner of ferocious Pete and Bob Marley.

Ronald Reagan spoke at my high school in Newport Beach (1969). Not being in civics class that semester, I had to sit in the back and not ask questions. Not me. I stood up and yelled (free speech exists when we surprize them), “why is pot illegal.” Ronnie, in his jumpy and flustered way stuttered, “Why, do you know when you buy that stuff, it supports organized crime?” Right, I thought to myself. Yours happens to be more organized than mine. Otherwise, you’d leave us, the hell alone. And BTW, remember the question? Where would organized crime be without the fascist state? Yep. Nowhere. Another BTW. I had no problem with students paying for their own education. The spoiled brats that gave hippies a bad name at the time were upset that the state (taxpayers) was reducing funding and raising tuition at public universities.

Bud Rud is our boy. A phoenix. And I forgot to ask him about the $500 water pump when we called and sung (as we do for those we love).


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