No makeup

Now the latest fashion is no makeup. Or as revealed in the press, makeup that makes you look like you aren’t wearing makeup.

This makes me so happy. After years of seeing women trying to conceal themselves, could it be they are accepting God’s gift? Long ago I chalked it up to the idea they feel better in makeup. Feeling better is a worthy goal, But I still think women look better fully exposed. A smile or attitude have way more to do with how a woman looks anyway. A plaster of chemicals can’t hide a scowl very well. And what if it gets on the upholstery? Are there special chemicals available that can get them out. Is that why there are vitamin D pills now? Because the sun never reaches them?

I hope the new market for chemicals (makeup) that makes women look like they have no makeup will evolve into a true movement toward no makeup at all. Maybe they can feel better if they move to Colorado or Washington and save the money and time spent on applying makeup.

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