Get out of the way. We want to see our kids.

I never thought this would happen. We went shopping for a truck camper.

Two of our kids live in Los Angeles and Dawn has two brothers in South Carolina. They deserve for us to make an effort to visit. They’ve done the same for us many times and it is always the best of times when we get together.

Having self-respect does not go well with flying these days. Since my appropriate reaction to being treated like a criminal in the airport would make me become one, that leaves two other options; motels or a camper. They really try at the motels. But in order to compete in a world of over-regulated waste, they’ve been cheapened to the point that a refrigerator box competes far too well.

Doing my usual online research, I found the one truck camper with no negative reviews is made in Cedar Falls and was founded in 1955. Holy cow! There is a lot of good stuff in Iowa. On our tour of Northstar we saw several campers being built to export to Argentina. One was a totally self-contained unit to fit an Amarok, a Volkswagen mini pickup with a diesel engine. Another one was for a Ford F-250. Rex, our host, told us there are F-250s in Argentina that have four cylinder Cummins engines that get thirty miles per gallon and have plenty of power.

I want one. But no, in the land of the free we cannot import an American truck that gets twice the mileage as the ones available here. There is something totally messed up with this picture. We are constantly reminded of the sacrifices made to ensure our freedom, while all they’ve ensured is an illusion of freedom. You doubt that? If a slave in nineteenth century America had any percentage of his time to be with family or asleep, wouldn’t he still be a slave? If we work all week and half that week is spent working to finance windmills, political junkets and aid to dictators, aren’t we slaves? The percentages are different but the effect is the same.

It is not necessary for the good of society that we tolerate and preserve slavery. Windmills, political junkets and aid to dictators produce wasted resources and political blow-back. Speaking of politics, how low would the price of oil go if all the cars in the United States got over 30% better mileage? How much capital would be available for uses other than just getting around, such as doctor visits and food? Ever wonder why a fuel that is safer, cheaper to produce, and more efficient costs seventy-five cents more per gallon?

In fact, it is good for society to eliminate slavery. Eliminate subsidies of any kind. There has been a big hoopla over rural access to broadband internet lately. You don’t suppose that might involve a subsidy, do you? Being an Exceed Satellite user, I have done a little research into this because our internet is flawless until a very thick thunderhead is briefly overhead. A red flag went up when the President voiced concern about broadband access and it went up higher when Governor Branstad made it an issue in his State of the State address. Branstad isn’t exactly what you’d call pro-freedom, except for his cronies.

Amanda Ragan, our State Senator was kind enough to try to justify state involvement in internet service to me. Unfortunately, none of it made sense.

First was the claim that satellite internet was not available in all areas of the state. That could only be if the dish was under a tree or behind a building. It is important to read the directions. She stated the amazing fact that 47% of Iowans can access broadband at 50 megabytes per second. Ours is around 14 and we can stream content anytime without pausing. It didn’t take the state to bring us that. She says that many businesses, low-income, rural and senior citizens are not utilizing high speed internet. This is not evidence that the state needs to “do something.” It must be because everyone doesn’t choose to utilize it. Most online business can be conducted without high speed internet anyway. The ones who need it should pay for it themselves.

As I sit here wishing in vain we could get 30 mpg on a trip to Charleston, I look at the back of my wife’s printer. It says, “Brother Industries (Vietnam) LTD.” Just think if we could have just traded freely with the Vietnamese instead of using the power of government to kill them because they preferred a different economic system from our own. Just think if we were allowed to buy fuel efficient vehicles to use to visit our loved ones. Just think if we could fly while being “secure in our persons” as should be the case according to Amendment 4. Just think if the government would just butt out, how all those low-income, rural and senior citizens would be able to afford high speed internet if they want it.

As I write this, it is the morning of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The post office is closed today. When the internet is taken under government control in the name of “net neutrality” will we be prevented from using email on government holidays? Nah, everything else they control is working fine, at least for political supporters.


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