Channelling Hanitty

I recently was sent a couple videos of a fellow named Ralph Peters.
Like every other whiny Fox News celebrity expert, this guy is outraged that nobody recognizes the threat of radical Islam, even though everybody does. He never even hints at a solution to the problem he alone, the enlightened one, sees.
I’m beginning to think the real threat to him is in the people waking up and seeing that our celebrities are the very same thing as the Muslim celebrities. They are parasites who, lacking a broadly useful skill, have to fall back on a limited dose of antibiotics so as not to eradicate the infection, but to keep it around as a target to justify the beloved huge government the conservatives and liberals both love so much. This happened with the fall of the Soviet empire. There will always be a threat with no effective cure, to perpetuate the power of the state.
I will restate my outline to combat Islamic terror (stupid language used here to communicate in spite of its irrelevance). Bring the 2 million or so military to the borders of the United States. Use that military to screen any foreigner attempting to enter the country. Encourage strict adherence to the Second Amendment, with a publicity campaign emphasizing the possibility of armed defense in any aggressive situation. Spying overseas should be continued, but without overt action because that overt action potentially creates new enemies for the American people.
So, outraged tough talking Peters, what would YOU do? Or more likely, have some capable (yet brainwashed) person do in your place?
To clarify: Out of the seven billion people in the world, no organization can track and destroy every terrorist ahead of their dirty deed. If that were attempted with the required number of personnel, there would be no private sector left to milk for the parasites’ endeavors. Only guessing here, but if we were to do what little Peters intimates we should do (judging by his tough talk), annihilate every single Muslim on the face of the earth; whose side are we on? And if not annihilate, imprison. What fun.
We don’t fly anymore, even though we miss our kids who moved away from here. Who took our freedom away?


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