Happy birthday Jimmy Page

Lead guitarist and major force behind Led Zeppelin. One reason I can’t hear so well nowadays, along with chainsaws in my more productive years. Their mix of finger picking and psychedelic blues style guitar and vocals really clicked. But once again their roots were in the cotton fields. Although extremely distant from England, both places seemed to offer little encouragement for a decent future. As David Bromberg said, “You’ve got to suffer if you want to sing the blues.” Most of the time the first album is the best because it reflects a longer cumulative experience. Led Zeppelin became more polished but didn’t lose their edge.

Play it loud:


2 responses to “Happy birthday Jimmy Page

  1. Thanks, Fritz. I have shared two of your posts to Facebook today, this and the piano player. I don’t know if that exposure will lead to more people reading alternativebyfritz but we can hope.

    • It is strange that this pops into my mind. But recent research has found that over 2000 people die from alcohol poisoning each year. Led Zeppelin sure sounded good back in those innocent times. No matter what the local constabulary thought.

      On Sat, Jan 10, 2015 at 5:27 PM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


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