Obombya gets it right again

Even before Boehner and Pelosi were done with their PDA, the White House (as if houses can speak) was proclaiming they (or it) would veto any congressional approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline. I can’t say he would do it for the right reason but he says he will do it. Obombya has not indicated any support for private property rights before, but the right reason to stop the pipeline would be because eminent domain will be used to steal the land for the project.

Republicans’ reasons to support the Keystone XL were to create jobs and to become energy independent. Republicans should stop complaining about Obama’s overarching government if they support eminent domain or jobs “created” by government. Energy independence produced by mandates, tariffs or any other forms of coercion is not independence at all. It enslaves those who fund enforcement and who are mandated. Besides that, trade is the shortest path to peace. It incentivizes peace. To not value peace is sick.


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