Anecdotal evidence…

… never really contributed to my decision making process unless the answer was wrong. But in the larger scheme of things can anyone claim computer models and short term trends are any better than this:
“Temperatures plunged to a record 19 degrees below zero F on Tuesday night in Denver, breaking the minus 11-degree mark set in 1898.”

This, in addition to hundreds of motorists stranded in snow in the mountains around L.A. and San Juan Capistrano.

It is all anecdotal evidence. The amazing part is most people think it is enough to pass laws that are impoverishing the world with a race to inefficiency chasing green. The blame is misplaced on capitalism, entrepreneurs or whoever else risks employing people to satisfy the direction of an extinct free market.


3 responses to “Anecdotal evidence…

  1. My brother in law and Co went to the Rose Parade where it was twenty-nine degrees. What happens to flowers at 29? And how long has the Rose Parade been held? 126 years of unfrozen flowers.
    I’d say the trend points to a dismal future of global cooling. But then I quit college, realizing it was mostly just indoctrination to line the socialism profiteers pockets. (By the way, this is a moderate view. An extreme view would support theft, which is what the alarmists favor as their method for controlling weather.)

  2. The concept of Climate Change details an escalation of severe weather events, cold temps in unusual places, droughts, blizzards, etc. It certainly seems that such events are happening with greater frequency.

    • This might be a good time to explain why the name was changed to climate change from global warming. And if, indeed, there is some sort of new direction from the past centuries, is totalitarian policy going to work to redirect that trend? One example of the cost of the politics involved is the new Ford F150. Its body is aluminum to save weight to reduce fuel consumption to meet federal guidelines. The F150 is one of the most popular vehicles in the world so it matters that bodyshops will each have to invest $20,000 in training, tools and supplies to fix these things. Ask anyone in any industry about how climate change is affecting their business (not climate change, of course, but the politics involved). You might have to have them explore rising costs in general and then follow the money to environmental regs and mandates. We know this gal that works at a fast food restaurant who says she can’t make ends meet. Is it greed at the top of her company or is it waste like a leaky bucket in every aspect of our lives because of this quest to make the climate remain identical forever.

      On Sat, Jan 3, 2015 at 10:27 AM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


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