The cover King is gone

When we first saw Joe Cocker on TV we thought he was some kinda freak. Then our feet started moving. The weird air bass seemed like something I might do if alone and was sure nobody was looking. His appearance was a totally new thing, but old. Like the Beatles. The roots were evident but his covers embellished the original to such an extent that it became an original version of its own without superseding the first one.

Leon Russel was an integral part of the sound. We got to see him live at the Surf Ballroom twice And it was like a faint hint of spice that Cocker’s presence was felt there. But I never saw Joe Cocker live.

We have a JoeCocker cassette tape and that is one reason we bought our CR-V with the CD AND tape player.

I don’t think this studio version of Traffic’s Feelin’ Alright can be beat. And I’ll include Traffic’s version as an illustration of Cocker’s genius.


A video of Cocker live would be appropriate. Can anyone pick which one?


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