Sanctions don’t work?

Obama stated in many ways that he thinks sanctions don’t work, while explaining his step to normalize relations with Cuba.

Then, on the same day he signs a bill escalating sanctions against Russia. The bill also spends $350 million more on “lethal” aid to Ukraine. The bill was passed in a weird after hours session of the House with only three votes cast. Nobel Prizes should never have any legitimacy again and any news agency that reports on such nonsense should also report on our cardinal, Red, making another dive at his reflection in our windows. Because it would have more significance.



2 responses to “Sanctions don’t work?

  1. Why would anyone with a modicum of intellect believe anything uttered by this pathological prevaricator who embraces a depraved political and economic philosophy, someone who harbors a narcissistic view of himself as a majestic, anointed savior who will preside over the retribution toward white, wealthy America? The sanctions that should matter to all are those he and his enablers are imposing on the successful in America via legislation, executive actions and regulations. Next big thing we’ll see is an executive order that provides for reparations to blacks – thus ensuring that class strife and discord pervades America.

    • It should also not be overlooked that the $350 million is totally corporate welfare, unrestrained by market forces, unless taxpayers revolt. Ha! That will never happen. We’ve been convinced there was never a revolt in the USA. It’s always a foreign state, so we can continue to wave flags and chant USA. We are getting what we ask for. Or been told to ask for.

      On Sat, Dec 20, 2014 at 9:00 AM, alternativebyfritz wrote:


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