Obama, Prince Bizarreness

He brings us Obamacare, formally known as Romneycare. And that energizes conservatives because they, all of a sudden, don’t want the socialized medicine they’ve been fine with for 50 years. Oh, it’s just that it crossed the red line. OK.

Anyway, he is helping open some eyes to the evils of mother government. That, he’s doing fairly well.

Now, while he is granting (who is HE to grant this?) us the freedom to buy a Cuban cigar, he still wants us to pay medical expenses for people who drink too much, smoke (tobacco), eat junk food, sit around and accumulate fat cells all day, jump canyons on bicycles, and drive cars. Can you guess why medical expenses have shot through the roof in the past 50 years?

Bizarre example: Nobel Peace Prize


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